Semantics Syllabus

Course Outline

Linguistics 525







  Thu Jan 21     Invitation to semantics  
Week 1 Tue Jan 26 Chapter 1 & 2 Allwood, Anderson and Dahl. [Blackboard] Kearns. 1.1-1.3. Meaning. Denotations. Possible worlds. Truth conditions.   Sets and semantics, Possible worlds, entailments  
  Thu Jan 28        
Week 2 Tue Feb 02 Chapter 3 & 4 Allwood, Anderson and Dahl. [Blackboard]   Sets and semantics (II), Logical relations among sentences, Logic trees and truth tables, Logic trees and truth tables II, Translating English into statement logic,  
  Thu Feb 04        
Week 3 Tue Feb 09 Chapter 3 & 4 Allwood, Anderson and Dahl. [Blackboard] Assignment: Allwood, Anderson, and Dahl, Exercises pp. 13, 14. \ 1, 2, 3 (use trees, as on. p. 49), 4[a, b, c], 5 Statement Logic and Predicate logic, Neither/nor unless, Logic trees and truth tables.  
  Thu Feb 11     Possible worlds, entailments Logical relations among sentences.  
Week 4 Tue Feb 16 Chapter 1 Kearns. 1.4,1.6. Implicature. From Birner, B. 2009. Introduction to Pragmatics. Chapter 2. Implicature. [See Blackboard] Assignment: Allwood, Anderson, and Dahl, Exercises pp. 56, 57. 1, 2a-e, 3d, f, 4abc,    
  Thu Feb 18   Model solution to Assignment. In class worksheet.  
Week 5 Tue Feb 23 Chapter 2, 3. Kearns. Translating English into propositional, predicate logic.   Predicate logic Translating English into logic, Neither/nor and other things.  
  Thu Feb 25   Assignment: Kearns (chapter 2) 1[a,d,f,h]; 2, 9[all],11[a,b,c,d,e,g], 12[a], 15[all], Truth tables, logic.  
Week 6 Tue Mar 02 Chapter 3. Kearns. Predicate logic.   A little more pred logic, and still a little more Translating English into pred logic.  
  Thu Mar 04        
Week 7 Tue Mar 09 Chapter 3. Kearns. Predicate logic. Logic translation tutorial  
  Thu Mar 11        
Week 8 Tue Mar 16 Chapter 1-4 Allwood et al. Chapter 1, 3-4 Kearns, Review. Assignment: Kearns (chapter 3), pp. 55,56, Exercises 1 (all), 2(a-e), 3 (d, f) (Due Mar. 16), Practice midterm. Model answers for practice midterm. Midterm review, Midterm model answers., Entailment help General logic help, Midterm review exercises (introduced in class today), Midterm review exercise answers (Tuesday after noon class discussion). Midterm 2020 (use for review), Midterm 2020 solution, Chap three exercises solution, Chap three exercises worksheet, logic trees, Review 2021 (translation conventions), Discussion of common errors.    
  Thu Mar 18   Midterm 2021.    
Week 9 Tue Mar 23 Chapter 2 Birner. Implicature      
  Thu Mar 25   Assignment: Midterm due Friday, Mar 26, 2021 9 AM.    
Week 10 Tue Mar 30 H'day H'day H'day H'day
  Thu Apr 01 Chapter 5 Birner. Presupposition.   Notes on presupposition, Notes on Russell's analysis,  
Week 11 Tue Apr 06        
  Thu Apr 08 Chapter 8. Kearns. Aspectual classes. Assignment:Presupposition assignment due. (See presupposition slides). Aspect Lecture, Aspect tutorial.  
Week 12 Tue Apr 13   Midterm solution, Midterm statistics and advice.    
  Thu Apr 15 H'day H'day H'day H'day
Week 13 Tue Apr 20 Chapter 10. Kearns. Thematic Roles and Lexical Conceptual Structure.   Lexical Conceptual Structure: Goals and design.  
  Thu Apr 22   Scalar implicatures assignment. Apr 22    
Week 14 Tue Apr 27 Chapter 10 (ctd.) Kinship. English kinship. Iroquioan kinship   Basics of kinship semantics.  
  Thu Apr 29 Chapter 10 (ctd.) Kinship ctd. Lexical conceptual structure assignment due. Apr 29    
Week 15 Tue May 04 Chapter 8,10, Birner Chaoter 2, Birner Chapter 5 Review.      
  Thu May 06   Seneca Kinship Assignment, Seneca Kinship hint.   Last class day  
Week 16 Tue May 11        
  Thu May 13        
Week 17 Tue May 18        
  Thu May 20