Functions of Language Syllabus

Course Outline

Linguistics 503

The table below gives an approximate schedule of classes, assignments, and lectures for this course. On days that are shaded gray, class does not meet. Days shaded gray before the last day of classes are either holidays, cancelled classes, or furlough days.






Thu Jan 17 Chapter 1. Kroeger. Biber 1993 Prerequisites. Syllabus. Expectations. The role of assignments in this course. Assignment: Corpus assignment Lecture: What is grammar? Introductory tutorial on corpus tools.  
Tue Jan 22   Assignment: Second corpus assignment Lecture: Corpus research demos. Corpus Linguistics BNC web Intro  
Thu Jan 24        
Tue Jan 29   From Chapter 2. Exercises 2A-2B. Chapter 2. Kroeger. Position classes. Position class charts. More on positional analysis  
Thu Jan 31        
Tue Feb 05   From Chapter 3. Exercises 3A-3D. Chapter 3. Kroeger. Constituent structure. Words and Heads  
Thu Feb 07        
Tue Feb 12   No exercises. Writing assignment. Chapter 4. Kroeger. Roles and relations. Bresnan, et al. Predicting the Dative Alternation, Roles and relations lecture.  
Thu Feb 14        
Tue Feb 19   From Blackboard: The Cheyenne problem. From Chapter 4. Exercise 4A [1-5,7-11,17,18] From Chapter 5. Exercises 5A-5B. Chapter 5. Kroeger. Lexical entries and complete clauses. Words and Heads What PS-rules mean More on positional analysis  
Thu Feb 21        
Tue Feb 26   Exercises 6A-6C Chapter 6. Kroeger. Noun Phrases.  
Thu Feb 28        
Tue Mar 05     Chapter 7. Case & Agreement. Nominative/accusative. Ergative/absolutive. Languages in which phrase structure is less dominant.  
Thu Mar 07        
Tue Mar 12 Chapter 8. Noun classes and pronouns. From Chapter 7. Exercise 7A, 7C. From Chapter 8. Exercises 8B, 8C.    
Thu Mar 14        
Tue Mar 19 Chapter 1. Byrd & Mintz. Assignment: Midterm.    
Thu Mar 21        
Tue Mar 26     Chapter 2. Byrd & Mintz. Introducing acoustic and articulatory phonetics. Acoustics  
Thu Mar 28        
Tue Apr 02 H'day H'day H'day H'day
Thu Apr 04 H'day H'day H'day H'day
Tue Apr 09 Chapter 3. Byrd & Mintz. Phonetics assignment Cross-linguistic phonetics.  
Thu Apr 11     Chapters 4 and 5 Byrd & Mintz. Speech perception. Perception  
Tue Apr 16 Chapter 3. Byrd & Mintz. Chapter 7. Byrd & Mintz. Phonological patterns.   Cross-linguistic phonetics.  
Thu Apr 18        
Tue Apr 23   Assignment: phonology assignment. Chapter 15 Kroeger. Phonological processes. Practice problems. Phonology. Features. Rules. Hungarian vowel harmony. Hungarian problem solution.  
Thu Apr 25        
Tue Apr 30 Birner & Ward (1998), Li & Thompson (1975). Subject-Topic writing assignment, Final Lecture: Subject topic. Universal subjecthood.  
Thu May 02        
Tue May 07   Final. Last day of class. New and old information. Definiteness word order. Lecture: Topic and focus. Information structure and sentence form.  
Thu May 09        
Tue May 14        
Thu May 16        
Tue May 21 Chapter 1000. Commencement!