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Linguistics 525

Semantics and Pragmatics Syllabus

    Course Description


    This course will serve as an introduction to semantics and pragmatics.


    Readings, lectures and discussion, quizzes, assignments, midterm, final.


    assignments 50% → 55.55%
    quizzes 10% → 0%
    midterm 20% → 22.22%
    final 20% → 22.22%

    Also shown are the percentages if no quizzes are given.

    Complete your homework assignments before class. Not only is homework worth 50% of your grade, but homework problems will resemble problems on your midterm and final. The quizzes will cover concepts introduced in the readings, and practiced on the homework. You will need to do both to score well on the quizzes.


    Denotation and sense. Possible worlds. Compositional semantics. Truth conditions. Propositional logic. Predicate logic. Predicates and arguments. Quantifiers. Scope. Modality. Definites and indefinites. Tense and aspect. Aspectual classes. Implicature. Grice's Maxims.

    Course outline



    Homeworks will generally be due on Tuesday, and will be handed back and discussed on Thursday. Be prepared to discuss the material covered on the homework in class. There will be 4 ten-minute quizzes distributed throughout the term given on Tuesdays, covering only material on the assignment you have just turned in (and the reading paired with that assignment). You will be notified of a quiz on the Thursday before it is given, in class (no notification will appear on the class outline).


    TuTh 2:00-3:15

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