3. Introduction to PythonΒΆ

This section contains an introduction to Python.

Python has had a lot of good introductory material written for it, and the notes given here are just a bare bones introduction targeting basic concepts needed in this course. It often pays when working on a programming language to get several different takes on the material. In the interest of giving students a different perspective, and generally broadening their knowledge, here are some of the best quick introductions to Python:

  1. Beginners will find Enthought’s introductory lectures on Python, entitled Python Essentials, very useful. Users with an Academic license have free access to these lectures.
  2. Older version of Python tutorial, better for beginners Actually written by Guido van Rossum.
  3. Current Python docs tutorial
  4. How to think like a programmer
  5. Google’s Python class
  6. MIT Intro to programming through Python