Lexical Semantics Course Outline

Course Outline

Linguistics 795






Mon Jan 23 Chapter 1: History. Chapter 2. Structural semantics. Seneca Kinship assignment, Seneca Kinship hints. Componential semantics: intro, Rough course outline.  
Mon Jan 30 Chapter 1: History. Chapter 2. Structural semantics. Jurafsky and Martin, Chapter 19.      
Mon Feb 06 Chapter 2. Structural semantics. Katz and Fodor 1963, Putnam 1975. Notes in universal grammar and lexical semantics., Seneca solution and beyond components, Historical semantics, Structuralist semantics.    
Mon Feb 13 Chapter 2. Structural Semantics. Logic-based approaches, lexical decomposition, Dowty, D. 1978. "The Semantics of Aspectual Verbs of English." Word Meaning and Montague Grammar excerpt. Wunderlich, D. 2012. "Lexical Decomposition in Grammar,"      
Mon Feb 20 Chapter 3.2, 4.1, 5, Whorf, B. 1947. "Language, Mind, and Reality." Available online (also on BB). Mervis, C.B. and Rosch, E., 1981. "Categorization of natural objects." Annual review of psychology, 32(1), pp.89-115. Armstrong, S.L., Gleitman, L.R. and Gleitman, H., 1983. "What some concepts might not be." Cognition, 13(3), pp.263-308. Help with Part II, see Wikipedia entry on Indeterminacy of Translation. Rosch, E., 1983. "Prototype classification and logical classification: The two systems."      
Mon Feb 27        
Mon Mar 06 Chapter 5, Coleman, L. and Kay, P., 1981. "Prototype semantics: The English word lie." Language, pp.26-44, Givon, T. 1983. "Prototypes: Between Plato and Wittgenstein," Filip, H. 2012. "Lexical Aspect," Kennedy, C. and Levin. B. 2008 "Measure of Change." Assignments: Paper topic: Due Mar. 13. Questions in Rosch, Questions about lexical aspect.  
Mon Mar 13 Chapter 5, Dixon, R. M. W., 1983. "Noun Classes and Noun Classification in Typological Perspective." Lakoff, G., 1983. "Classifiers as a reflection of mind." Craig, C., 1983. "Jacaltec Noun Classifiers: A Study in Language and Culture, " Zubin, D. and Kopcke, K. M. 1983. "Gender and Folk Taxonomy: The Indexical Relation between Grammatical and Lexical Categorization."      
Mon Mar 20 Chapter 5, Croft, W., 1994. "Semantic universals in classifier systems," Aissen, J., 2003. "Differential object marking: Iconicity vs. economy."      
Mon Mar 27 H'day H'day H'day H'day
Mon Apr 03 Chapter 5, Kay, P., and Mc Daniel, C. K.. 1978. "The linguistic significance of the meanings of basic color terms," Kay, P., and Kempton, W.. 1984. "What is the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?" Regier, T., and Kay, P. "Language, thought, and color: Whorf was half-right,"      
Mon Apr 10 Chapter 5, Travis, L. 2000. "Event Structure in Syntax," Boas, F. 1911. Handbook of American Indian Languages pp 24--43, 80--83. (introduction, readings on plurals), Ojeda, Almerindo E. "The semantics of collectives and distributives in Papago, " Richardson, J. R. 1983. "Smash-Bang."      
Mon Apr 17 Chapter 5, Talmy, Leonard. 1985. "Lexicalization Patterns (focus on pp. 1--67), " (think about Aske (1989)). "Path Predicates in English and Spanish.") Levin, B. 1993. "English Verb Classes and Alternations (Introduction)," Baker, C. and Ruppenhofer, J. 2002. "FrameNet's Frames vs. Levin's Verb Classes," Palmer, M. and Yi, S.T. 2000. "Computational lexical semantics and its constraints." Levin, B. 2004. "Verbs and Constructions: Where Next?"   Link to Enthought Academic License Page, Talmy & Conflation (Slides), NLTK Wordnet interface, Martha Palmer's 2004 talk slides "Index to English Verbs", Index to English Alternations, Close up of some verbs, Homegrown VerbNet Intro (html, ipython notebook,) VerbNet, FrameNet, Homegrown FrameNet intro (html, ipython Notebook), FrameNet NLTK API, National Chiao Tung University Open Unibversity: Lexical Semantics Slides.  
Mon Apr 24 Chapter 5, Jurafsky and Martin (Ch. 15). "Vector Semantics," Lin (1998). "An information theoretic definition of similarity," Gawron (2014). "Improving Sparse word similarity models with asymmetric measures." Assignments: WordNet lexical semantics assignment (html, ipython notebook.)    
Mon May 01 Chapter 5, Jurafsky and Martin (Ch. 16). " Dense Vector Semantics," Turney, Peter. 2012. "Domain and Function: A Dual-Space Model of Semantic Relations and Compositions." Optional Word2Vec assignment (introducing a fairly realistic system). Even more optional extended Word2Vec assignment (introducing more capabilities).