Pragmatics Syllabus

Course Outline

Linguistics 626

The table below gives an approximate schedule of classes, assignments, and lectures for this course. On days that are shaded gray, class does not meet.






Mon Jan 28     Chapter 1, Levinson: The scope of pragmatics. Remarks on literal meaning,  
Mon Feb 04 Chapter 1-4. Allwood et al. Do Ch. 2 exercises (all), Ch 4 (1, 2, 3, 4[b,c,e] )   A little bit about sets, Remarks on logic, possible worlds, and truth. paper presenter: Gawron, background lecture ctd.  
Mon Feb 11 Chapter 1-2 Levinson, Chap 4 Birner, Nunberg (2004) deixis, pronouns, reference. Deixis exercises Deixis lecture, Notes on Deferred reference, paper ideas. Bibliography
Mon Feb 18 Chapter 3 Levinson (esp. 3.1, 3.2 except for 3.2.5): Conversational implicature, quantity implicature. readings: Partee (2004). Implicature exercises. Deixis lecture, Notes on Deferred reference, paper ideas. Bibliography
Mon Feb 25 Chapter 3 Levinson (esp. 3.1, 3.2.4, 3.2.6): Issues with Grice Wayne (2004) Implicature: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Implicature. [+P] Conventional implicature, expressive meaning. readings: Potts (2005), Chap 1. [+P]   Notes on implicature. Bibliography
Mon Mar 04 Chapter 4. Levinson. Presupposition (4.1). Philosophical origins, pragmatics or semantics. readings: Simon (2004). Dynamic semantics. Kadmon (2001) 2.1-2.2. Assignment: Paper outline/bibliography due. Paper template. Presupposition lecture. Bibliography
Mon Mar 11 Chapter 4, 5. Kadmon. Definiteness and context, presupposition projection, [Chris Pott's abridged version of Karttunen (1973)],   Presupposition lecture. Bibliography
Mon Mar 18 Chapter 5.1 - 5.3. Allwood et al. Quantification. Do Ch. 5 (1, 2, 7, 11). Lewis (1975)   Quantification and contexts. Bibliography
Mon Mar 25 Chapter 1: Negative Polarity, Ladusaw (1980)[+P] and Giannakidou (2011)[+P], Krifka (95)   Negative polarity lecture. Bibliography
Mon Apr 01 H'day H'day H'day H'day
Mon Apr 08 Chapter 5. Speech Acts, readings: Birner, Ch. 6, Sadock (2004)[+P], Stefanowitsch (2003)[+P] Speech act data analysis, Speech Acts. Bibliography
Mon Apr 15 Chapter 5. Cognitive Pragmatics. readings: Wilson & Sperber (2004)[+P], Fauconnier (2004) [+P]     Bibliography
Mon Apr 22 Chapter 3. Scalar Implicature, Embedded Implicature readings: Chierchia (2004)[+P], Geurts and Pouscoulos (2009)[+P], Potts et al. (2016) [+P],     Bibliography
Mon Apr 29 Chapter 5: Game-Theoretic Pragmatics, Brief intros to Probability Franke (2012), Degen (2015), Franke and Jager (2016), Degen et al. (2013)     Bibliography
Mon May 06 Chapter 5: Rational Speech Act Theory, Brief intro to Social Cognition Gergely et al. (1994) [+P], Baker et al. (2006) [+P], Goodman and Stuhlmuller (2013), Degen et al. (2015)   Rational Speech Act Theory Notes. Bibliography
Mon May 13 Chapter 5: Rational Speech Act Theory, ctd