What is computational linguistics?


A guide to some computational linguistic resources on the web

* (Computational) Linguistics Resources/Institutions from the University of Stuttgart.
Computational linguistics links
* The ACL NLP/CL Universe.
A large but disorganized listing of Computational Linguistics/Natural Language Processing resources.
* Shikano lab speech resources.
The most comprehensive list of (engineering approaches to) speech recognition/generation and acoustics.
* Speech and Language Web resources (Kenji Kita, Tokushima U.)
A little out of date

Computational Linguistics departments and programs

This list is just a few random places I go to. The Linguist List keep more comprehensive listings (but the Australian Linguistics Network page is better for Australia).
SDSU Computational Linguistics Program
Cornell Dept of Modern Languages and Linguistics
Edinburgh Linguistics Dept and Cognitive Science Dept
Groningen BCN Linguistics
University of Leuven Center for Computational Linguistics
University of Melbourne
MIT Linguistics Dept (including MIT Working Papers in Linguistics publications information)
New York University Linguistics Department
SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London (including their working papers)
Stanford Linguistics Dept
University of Sydney Department of Linguistics
University of Stuttgart Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung (Institute of Natural Language Processing)
Yale Linguistics Dept

Idiosyncratic listing of Computational Linguistic Companies

* Google
* Microsoft NLP
* Nuance "Workflow" system
Turn speech into words.
* Lucent Bell Labs Text to Speech system demo
Turn words into speech (in English)! Or into French.
* ELF (English Language Frontend) for MS Access/VB
* Translation Experts Machine Translation on the web
* Text Analysis Intl: Text Analysis framework (IE-style)

What is linguistics?

* iLoveLanguages
Links to all the world's languages. Successor to the famous "The Human-Languages Page" ( http://www.june29.com/HLP/), by the same author, Tyler Chambers.
* Yamada Language Guides
Like the page above, a compnedium of information different languages. Lots of fonts.
* Yahoo's Human Languages and Linguistics page
Scattered but interesting.
* Linguistic Fun (YourDictionary.com/Robert Beard)
* Kevin Russell's Phonetics intro site
* X-ray film of the vocal tract
* Ligações de Línguas e Linguística
Language and linguistics links in Portuguese, Galician, and English.
* Linguistics and Natural Language Processing (Rick Wojcik's).
Good on research centers and Russian. -->
* British Library samples of English dialects
* English accents and reactions thereto
* A list of some software for linguistics from Johanna Rubba. A more complete and organized list would be even better.... -->
* Listings of software for creating and managing linguistic annotations and for linguistic exploration by Steven Bird.
* The Syntax Student's Companion
Java application for editing and checking phrase structure trees.
* Internet Grammar of English
* The Interactive Introduction to Linguistics
* Annotated list of resources on statistical and corpus-based computational linguistics
* The Language and Gender Page
* The Virtual CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) Library
* Interactive online computational linguistics demos listing
* Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 13th Edition, 1996
A great overview guide to the world's languages. There's also a search interface.