Ling/CS 581: Introduction to Computational Linguistics Final

    Due: May 13, 2020 7:00 PM for Wednesday section, May 14, 2020, 1:00 PM for Tu Th section

    Part One: Parsing

    CKY Parsing Problem

    Part Two: Word Vectors

    Word2Vec problem.

    Instructions for submission. Please email your final by your section's deadline to Submit your final as a single document file (.xlsx or .docx or .pdf). Please do not under any circumstance send images of handwritten calculations. Type all calculations into a document file. For the parse trees in the parsing problem, you may include images of a handdrawn parse, but please import those images into your document file.

    Those are the basics. Here are a couple of variants that involve combining the results of different document programs. You may submit an image of a handdrawn table for the table of edges and daughter records, as long as you import that image into your document file. You may also insert work done in a .docx file intio an .xlsx spread sheet. Thus for example you might do your parsing table and Viterbi calculations in Excel, and insert Word2vec calculations done in Word (how appropriate!) into the Excel sheet.

    If you have a question about file format, please ask ( Finals that ignore these instructions will be returned to the sender with a polite request to resubmit a conforming version. It is a student's responsibility if the need to submit a second version results in student's final to be late. Submission of a non-conforming final is not a valid excuse for turning a final in late.