Linguistics 596

Using mail in UNIX and ftp

First I've given you three search exercises and told you how to save those in files. There was an error in the online grep help, a serious type in which I left out the redirect symble ">". So you may need to reload the directions for how to do that and print them out again.

The command you are going to use to mail me a file is called "mail". You can call it with the addressee as an argument.

Now type in: Here fiction_search is the name of the file you're sending me and "~r" is the command for what to do with it. "~r" means read the file and include it in the message. Make sure this command is the only thing on the line. Then hit carriage return. A message from Unix should appear. This tells you it found the file and how big it was (lines and bytes). Now you want to end the message and send it. You do this by typing a single line with "." on it. Unic will exit "mail" and return you to the usual rohan prompt:

Using ftp in windows

FTP is a DOS/Windows facility for transfering files. You can use it to connect to a host machine other than your own and transfer files between your machine and the host. Ftop is not a featured Windows utility. The first job is to FIND it on your machine. In Windows, use the find facility to find ftp. Do Find .. files or folders. When the window comes up type in "ftp" on the line marked "Named". Click on find now. A list of retrieved files will pop up in the search results section of the window. You want one that is JUST named ftp (no longer names containing the string "ftp" allowed). It might be in a folder (directory) called SYS or in one called 386.

Select that file and click the RIGHT button of your mouse while the mouse is pointing at it. A menu will appear. Look for Create shortcut. Select that. Windows will offer you the option of placing your shrtcutr on the desk top. Say yes.

Now you have an icon that will pop up the ftp application whenever you double click on it.

If instead of rightclicking on "ftp" in the search results window you double click, you will open up an ftp window. This looks like an MSDOS Window (it actually is an MS DOS window), except that you are running a program called ftp. To exit, click on the upper right hand corner of th e window, where there's an X.

Now start up ftp by double clicking on the short cut you created or on the ftp file in the search results.

Your command line looks like this:

For this application you type to the command line as with UNIX. Type "open". Your command and the response look something looks like this.

Believe it or not it's asking you to log in. Type your user name (the one you use to log in) and hit carriage return. It then asks you for your password. Type in the password you use to log in to rohan. Hit carriage return. It looks like this now: You don't see the password on the display even though you've typed it in because it isn't echoed.

You are now ready to transfer files between your local machine and rohan. First you need to connect to a directory where you can save files. I'll assume we're saving on to the a: drive of some school machine.

Choose your local directory (the directory on your machine you're writing to).

SKIP THIS STEP if you've put the files in your home directory on UNIX. If you've put them some where else you need to connect to that directory.. For example, if you've put them in sub-directory of your home directory called somewhere_else:

Now get the files.

If all is well, UNIX will respond with a stream of helpful info:

Close your connection by typing "close" (this makes you a good citizen).